Who Are You?

Dec 25, 2019 by Jemila Pratt, in Uncategorized

I've long asked myself "who are you? and where do you come from"? More often I've stared and stared at every pore, scarf, and mole on my body trying to understand myself.

When I look in the mirror, I see curvature in my lips, uneven eyes, and skin decorated in beauty marks and scars. Underneath is a woman.

Today I am happy. The process to get here has been sidetracked by woes of growing up, sexual trauma, yet overcoming these obstacles and pit stops to become my most authentic self.

Several times I have attempted to write about my identity. It is something with which I have struggled with since at least the 1st grade.

Watched Lacey's doc and empathized. There were parts that she _______, things she wanted to understand, aspects that she struggled with

This is a story that I will most likely tell in non-linear ways.





Spiritually- have I simply been unable to see my gifts, because they are unclear to me? Or because I refuse to believe what other perceive is my truest self? Am I healer? Or simply a naive dreamer?

Just me. I am all these things and yet none can fully define me.